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what I like:

  • the insert snippet system - (like in MindManager 2000)
  • the speed of the web export compared to MindManager 6
  • you can size the map view simply by the zoom factor of your map - for the web export !

what I do not like:

  • you have to leave the mind map basics in map designing because you will plan more the output result than map ergonomics
  • Newsticker - nearly useless - but prominent in documentation
  • the snippets code window is not sizeable
  • horizontal menu builder - not well integrated software by 3. Party
  • prize (actually we have to pay for an old feature which was desintregrated in M5 and M6)
  • if your snippet collection gets bigger,  it gets real chaotic
  • the program is not a real help when you want to modify your web layouts. you have to crawl deep down into the same fuzzy template cosmos and it is getting even worse because you have some more of them to make mistakes in configuration
  • i had to reinstall the software several times
  • no multimap Export support (Map4Web Map will crash the whole export of all maps)

but this only my personal view and i'm still in the learning phase